Crow’s Nest: The Barn as Ark

June 4, 2014

By Daniel Barringer, Preserve Manager


It’s the time of year when the farmer is putting up hay: mowing the fields, tedding the hay to help it dry, and then baling it and loading it in the barn.

The inside of this hay barn at Crow’s Nest is filling with the sweet smell of summer that will see a lot of livestock through another winter. Perhaps it is this or its resemblance to the hull of a ship that makes me think of the Ark. Or does it seem like another religious space? Perhaps you too spent time during sermons gazing upward at inspirational architecture? I’m not sure the resemblance is strictly coincidental.

By tending crops farmers are keeping green space open, feeding us and stewarding the land for future generations. The barn is a symbol of the bounty given us on earth and humans’ good deeds.