Crow’s Nest: Snow conditions & parking advisory

December 17, 2013

We’ve had more snow before winter officially starts than we have some years before winter ends. None were large snows but they haven’t melted and are accumulating into a slippery crust.

This is good news for cross country skiing or sledding (it’s not really deep enough for snowshoeing). But it’s not great news for traveling to and parking at the preserve.

We’ve kept up with clearing the sidewalks at the visitor center and the macadam entrance to the parking lot. But the loose gravel of our parking area cannot be plowed bare, and so it is accumulating some of that packed snow. If you have good snow tires and/or four wheel drive you should be okay. Others should consider parking on our barn ramp (also snow-covered, but slopes back toward the plowed road).

Posted by Daniel Barringer on December 17, 2013.