Crow’s Nest: OJR Field Ecology Class Study

October 10, 2016

By Daniel Barringer, Preserve Manager  Photographs by Jo-An Rechtin and Greg George

A field ecology class taught by Laura George at Owen J. Roberts Senior High has made use of the preserve to teach students scientific survey techniques, using a point-quadrat system in our woods.


No matter what natural resource is being studied, researchers need to know the plant community in which the observations are being made. One technique to determine that is to assess tree species and size along a random transect through the woods. Every 20 meters students stop and measure and name the closest tree species in each of four quadrants.


The students performed this rapid ecological assessment in two different sections of woods here. They also happened to see a bald eagle on their walk back, and then enjoyed a hayride. We are excited for the opportunity this partnership represents—and to introduce new students to the preserve. The class will be back for a couple more sessions this school year.