Crow’s Nest: Not quite a goat rodeo*

December 19, 2011

Last week Sean and I moved the goats to their winter pasture where we have frost-free water and set up a heated water trough. Seamus and Duffy will share the pasture and a larger shed with the two steers that Jack and I are sharing that are also being used for prescribed grazing.

I was concerned that moving the goats would be difficult. After all, they outweigh me and might have their own ideas of where to go. But Sean and I put dog leashes on their collars, picked up a pan of sweet feed each, and away we went. We walked about a half mile down Piersol road to the new site in Jack’s yard on Harmonyville Road. It was no more difficult than walking a dog. Have I mentioned we have really good goats?

We don’t have photos of the event because—although it went well—our hands were full. The goats are gradually getting used to the larger and curious calves.

*A goat rodeo, I read in looking up a recent music CD of the same name, has several definitions. A common one is to describe a situation where many different things have to go right for there to be a successful outcome. Moving the goats turned out to be too simple to be considered a metaphoric goat rodeo.