Crow’s Nest: New benches!

October 28, 2015

By Daniel Barringer, Preserve Manager


We have just replaced two long-rotted benches that we used to have at Crow’s Nest: one at the Chief’s Grove looking out over the French Creek Valley, and one along the Creek Trail near the culvert. It’s been a couple years since the old ones went back to the earth and we’ve been seeking to replace them since.

Good fortune came when Joe Vinton, the Preserve Manager at Bear Creek, offered a few white oak slabs he milled. We quickly accepted and installed these two this week (two other slabs we are holding for benches in the barnyard that also will need to be replaced soon).


Digging was among the most difficult I’ve experienced—not so many rocks or roots, but the ground was so dry the digging bar and shovel bounced off it like talc. It was most helpful to have the assistance of a post-hole digger (Stewardship Assistant Cody Hudgens)!