Crow’s Nest: Mud Season

February 20, 2016

By Daniel Barringer, Preserve Manager


It is that time of year, as snow melts and moisture frozen in the ground softens, that we refer to as mud season. Conditions are roughest on the Creek Trail, where flooding last week made a mess (see above).

The boardwalk is tethered so it won’t float away, but it did shift a bit. We put it back yesterday with a come-along (tied to a tree across the creek) and a digging bar. The boardwalk was built in place; it can’t easily be moved!

If you plan to hike here, be aware that the frozen mud shown in the picture is likely to be a quagmire as the days warm up. The trail isn’t officially closed but you might want to try the Deep Woods Trail, Fox Hill Trail, or Hopewell Trail as alternatives.

In other news, there’s fresh beaver sign along the Creek Trail. They seem to be preferentially cutting oak trees. We’ll be putting wire around a few of the trees we’d like them not to cut.