Crow’s Nest: More looking west at dawn

February 26, 2016

By Daniel Barringer


I see the title phrase above as a metaphor for looking for beauty in unexpected places… especially needed at this time of year as we yearn for spring. We’ve had gullywashing rains that have blown out some trails; it’s mud season, and nothing is green yet. But it’s February for a few more days, so that’s the way it is. There’s still beauty and promise in the world.


We did have some spring firsts this week. Some yellow-spotted salamanders and wood frogs did indeed migrate the other night, and will be active in wetlands that still have ice. I heard the first spring peepers calling and the first buzzy “Peet” of a woodcock. Snow geese are migrating high above. It won’t be long now; being impatient won’t make spring arrive any sooner.