Crow’s Nest: Looking West at Sunrise

December 18, 2014

By Daniel Barringer, Preserve Manager

And looking East at sunset…

We’ve had the kind of weather conditions lately where the sky clears at the horizon just as the sun rises or sets, resulting in a blaze of firelight reflected on the opposite horizon. It’s an ephemeral sight not to be missed; the color fades in just a few minutes, or fewer if the clouds move back in.


This kind of view we have seen before, posted in the weblog in November, 2006, and the photo appears in the blurb book of selected photos and writings from the first five years of blogging, a Christmas gift from Denise in 2010.


I suppose there is a metaphor here too—that we can, and should, look for the unexpected, the beauty in the everyday, the glory that greets us if we are open to it.

This weblog is celebrating ten years this month, having debuted in December 2004. It has gone unexpected places and helped me look at the landscape in a new way.


We’re having our share of glorious sunsets to be seen facing West, too. Newly-moved into the house at 401 Piersol Road, perched on a knoll, we now have this view from our back porch, looking out over Crow’s Nest Preserve with the hills of Hopewell Furnace in the background.