Crow’s Nest: dodging raindrops

May 19, 2011

I feel like I got away with something today: I mowed the lawn at Crow’s Nest during the only dry two hours this week, got the mower cleaned up and put away just as the skies opened up again. I never get that lucky.

I mow around the visitor center barnyard, parking lot and path to the Creek Trail and then while the mower is out flex my time to take off to mow around the tenant house where we live. I am fortunate that I can mow when the grass needs it—and when the weather cooperates—and not have to wait for weekends.

Our lawn is a “freedom lawn” mown high and relatively infrequently, diverse with the many species (some call weeds) that green it up. It was, however, getting long enough that I was worried about it ever drying up.