Crow’s Nest: Deer research

March 22, 2013

This winter Pennsylvania Game Commission biologists are conducting a study of deer survival rates and causes of their death. They will be live-trapping deer at various locations throughout our region, releasing them immediately with ear tags and a few with radio collars. The radio collars will allow them to know where a deer travels while it is alive; the ear tags will give biologists information when they are turned in regardless of the cause of death.

Crow’s Nest, Stroud, Green Hills, and other Natural Lands Trust preserves are sites that will likely be used over the next few weeks. If netting traps are used there will be an interpretive sign explaining what is going on, and the netting will only be deployed by PGC researchers when the deer can immediately be released. If you see a research site please do not disturb it. Most of the activity will be taking place at night.

Please feel free to contact us with questions, 610-286-7955.