Crow’s Nest Contra Dance

June 3, 2012

Last night’s contra dance in the Crow’s Nest barn was great, and dancing under the Lydia Moyer art installation was as awesome as I’d hoped it would be.

Friday night’s massive storms moved on (we had 2″ of rain) and we couldn’t have had better weather on Saturday. We held our annual open house with hayrides, potluck dinner, and then the barn filled with people for the dance.

Some of the art installation (more photos to follow) had to be moved outside during the dance (it will be back inside for the remainder of the exhibition, which is open each evening 7 – 9 PM through June 11). Below is a photo of Lydia Moyer’s moths animation projected on a bottle, here located along our path through the woods from the parking lot to the barn.

Posted by Daniel Barringer on May 3, 2012.