Crow’s Nest: Cattle ready to do restoration work

May 1, 2013


Jack and I moved our year-old steers yesterday to a new pasture across the lane. If they didn’t move into that pasture I was feeling compelled to mow it, and this is a far better solution for both steers and the land manager.

We’re almost ready to move them back into the wildlife habitat management area where they are clearing vegetation for us. We would have moved them there last week, but the battery for our solar fence charger was dead, so I had to order a new one. We may move them in this weekend.

We will be adding two new steers this weekend as well. They’ll stay in the winter pasture (Jack’s front yard) while we get to know then and make sure they are doing well before moving them in with either the goats or the larger steers to to habitat management work.

Posted by Daniel Barringer on May 1, 2013.