Crow’s Nest Camp week three

July 23, 2011

I ran into my neighbor at the supermarket the other night. “What’s with the shoes?” she asked, referring to the collection that gathers outside the barn to dry during camp. We require the kids wear old sneakers or creek shoes in the stream to protect their feet, but they also wear dry sneakers when hiking or playing on land.

We had 24 third and fourth graders this week attending Crow’s Nest Camp and we had a lot of fun despite the intense heat. Here a camper tries on the Io moth costume.

During our small-group hikes we visited the calves doing prescribed grazing at the preserve.

The kids also built elaborate hide-ins in the woods, played in them and had lunch here, and then on the last day took them down, appropriate to “leave no trace.”

It is our goal that the kids be comfortable outside in nature.

The third and fourth graders range more widely around the preserve than the younger kids at camp; here leaping on the rocks at Mine Run.

And like the other weeks of camp, there were a few hayrides.