Crow’s Nest: Camp Week Three

July 28, 2016

By Daniel Barringer    Photos by Pete Smyrl

We’ve had a full schedule of camps, with a couple weeks to go! The youngest age group was at Crow’s Nest week for two, half-day sessions.


Our goals with this group is for them to become comfortable outdoors in just one part of the preserve, the “remote campsite” on Pine Creek. They ride a hay wagon over to the site each day and play in the creek and explore. Snacks are a welcome part of the day which is over all too quickly.


Aubrey and Molly planted and tended a sunflower house this year (more difficult than it sounds due to herbivory from moles and rabbits!) so the kids could play in it.


We look forward to watching these kids grow up in the the programs at Crow’s Nest!