Crow’s Nest: Camp Week Four

July 28, 2014

By Daniel Barringer, Preserve Manager


Third- and fourth-grade camp has been as much fun as the others. The theme is still art in nature and many of the activities are the same as our other weeks. But the kids exhibited their own style and creativity. Above, white and red-clover fashions inspired by artist Tang Chiew Lin or perhaps Andy Goldsworthy.


Small group hikes also included botanical drawing, watercolor Impressionism, and nature photography. The denizens of the preserve posed for the camera.


Aubrey took the kids for a hayride to Pine Creek at the wire bridge.


The kids built a new set of tree houses, painted them, and played in them. This week also involved tin-can telephones, an aerial text message system—using ropes, buckets, and notepads—and a swing and a hammock. We had plenty of time just to hang out.


Each week the kids decorated a bower (as if for giant bower birds). It’s on the path to the natural play area, just below the trail from the parking lot to the visitor center barn.


I enjoyed all of camp—we’ve had a great bunch of kids— but getting to each lunch in a treehouse is pretty special.