Crow’s Nest: Brutal Summer

August 14, 2016

By Daniel Barringer, Preserve Manager


This summer has been really brutal. I’m not sure we’ve set any record highs, but it has been consistently, brutally hot. We can’t ask staff and volunteers to work too hard in this heat—they need to take lots of rest.

We’ve missed most of the rain that places only a half hour north or south have received. Enough rain has now fallen to green up the grass, but lots of trees and shrubs are wilting. It has been a rough year for planting (the rain garden at Green Hills, a butterfly garden at home, 90+ acres of meadows at Green Hills). It’s taken a lot of extra work just to keep things alive.

Alas, we don’t control the weather—but we can complain about it. Hey, winter will be here soon enough.