Crow’s Nest bloom update

April 20, 2013

Trout lily (Erithronium americanum) is in full bloom and this has been a great year for it. There are always a lot of (spotted, like a trout) leaves growing for this spring ephemeral wildflower but only a fraction of them flower; this year has the highest ratio of blooms to leaves I’ve ever seen. Walk down the creek trail from our parking area and you will see many of them.

I was just asked if the round-lobed hepatica, perhaps our earliest spring ephemeral wildflower, is still blooming. It is, and you can easily see a few from the Fox Hill Trail in our Deep Woods.

Bloodroot flowers are gradually dropping their petals and fruit are starting to form. Last night’s heavy rain undoubtedly knocked of many petals and advanced the spring season closer to summer. Mayapples are raising their umbrella-leaves.

Red maples, ash, and many other trees are also in flower. We saw many black cherry seedlings leafing out in the woods yesterday; few of these will survive in the shade of existing woods.

Shadbush or serviceberry (Amelanchier) is in flower now. I like that it adds a hazy wisp of brightness to the landscape and not a bold blob of color like some non-native ornamentals such as forsythia and callery pear.

Redbuds and dogwoods are not blooming yet but will be in a week or so. No sign yet of the nodding trillium. And pinxterbloom azalea is not out yet.

Lots to look forward to in the woods at Crow’s Nest!

Posted by Daniel Barringer on April 20, 2013.