Brunch with Bobolinks

June 9, 2015

By Dulcie Flaharty, Vice President of Community Planning

Bobolink in flight, Carlos Alejandro

The meadows at Natural Lands Trust’s Stroud Preserve glimmered with late spring color during the final weekend of May. The annual Breakfast with Bobolinks, a bird viewing and lecture program, provided a perfect magnet for bringing two of my book club friends for a visit to the 574-acre preserve outside of West Chester.

Several dozen folks gathered in the handsome Stroud Preserve stone barn for an informative and entertaining lecture by naturalist and musician Jim McVoy, and then proceeded up a slight hill to a perfect viewing point to search for Bobolinks in one of the preserves thoughtfully stewarded meadows.

Meadow grassesIn addition to glorious, just-right weather, several Bobolinks cooperated by offering a lively dance above the waving grasses. They were joined in the meadow by other flying friends including Northern Rough-wing Swallows and Willow Flycatchers.

Meadow viewingAll the fun looking and chatting among the group encouraged a hearty appetite satisfied by a shared light brunch in and around the barn.

Lunch provided renewed energy and a group ventured on further exploration of some of the nearly 10 miles of trails criss-crossing the Stroud Preserve.

Brandywine at Stroud bridgeFlowering meadows, the East Branch of the Brandywine Creek, multiple bird sightings (Phoebes, Baltimore Orioles), and with irresistible spring perfume throughout the walk and made the morning a total delight.