A Snowy Hike at Stroud Preserve

February 5, 2016

by Mae Axelrod, Communications Coordinator

Stroud Preserve. Photo by Mae Axelrod, staff member

Stroud Preserve. Photo by Mae Axelrod, staff member

Last Friday I strapped on my best hiking boots, pulled on some warm clothes, and took a hike out at snowy Stroud Preserve. When I entered the preserve I saw two intrepid visitors cross country skiing. I envied their preparation, as I had to take giant steps to get over the snow left by Winter Storm Jonas. My efforts were rewarded through, because I got to see a Great Blue Heron taking off over the Brandywine Creek, and Turkey Vultures riding thermals in the sky.

My hike up the hill got me to the scenic overlook where I could see the beautiful landscape of Chester County spread out before me. Every season in nature has it’s rewards and on Friday I got to see gorgeous snow covered vistas and birds soaring overhead.

Want to see for yourself? Stroud Preserve is open every day from dawn till dusk. Come join us outside!