A Day on the Water

November 10, 2011

I am not quite ready to put my canoes into storage for the winter.  So, I was able to talk a couple of buddies into paddling the Tohickon Creek during the dam release this past weekend.  The Tohickon is a pretty stream in any season, and during the release it is just down right fun.  The photos can’t do the landscape justice.  There was ice forming on some of the steep ravine walls.  The blue sky was unbelievable when we broke into the open areas.  There were even beautiful leaves in places.

We saw lots of wildlife.  A Great Blue Heron flied with us for about a mile.  A Red-tailed hawk checked us out several times.  We saw several flocks of ducks.  One male Wood Duck winged over our boats and took our breath away when the sun caught his colors.  Belted Kingfishers splashed in the water ahead of us as we paddled.  It was a great fall day to be outside and enjoying nature.