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Study Shows Value of Open Space

The GreenSpace Alliance and the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission (DVRPC) recently released a report that is the first to quantify the economic value of protected open space in the five-county area.

More than just pretty places, preserved open spaces contribute to our local economies and property values, they help us save on everything from health care to recreation, and they perform valuable ecosystem services that naturally improve the air we breathe and the water we drink.

Highlights of the study include:
– Open space adds $16.3 billion to the value of southeastern Pennsylvania’s housing stock.
– By filtering our water, cleaning our air, and controlling flooding, our region’s open space saves us $132.5 million each year.
– Every household in the region saves $392 per year by having open space available for hiking, biking, and other recreational pursuits.

“We can’t afford not to protect our region’s open space. These places are essential to our health, our economy, and our future,” noted Natural Lands Trust’s President Molly Morrison, who also serves as president of the GreenSpace Alliance board.

Read a summary of the study here.

Natural Lands Trust president, Molly Morrison, appeared on Comcast Newsmakers recently to discuss the study.