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What We Do

Natural Lands Trust is the region’s largest and most comprehensive conservation organization. Each year, we save thousands of acres of open space in eastern Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey. We also own and manage the region’s largest system of private nature preserves.

Today, with the help of our dedicated members and supporters, we own and manage 42 nature preserves, totaling more than 22,000 acres, and hold conservation easements and other restrictions on an additional 22,000 acres. We have also partnered with government agencies, non-profits, and private landowners to save tens-of-thousands of acres more.

Our comprehensive and practical approach to conservation includes:

Saving Land
Permanently protecting natural areas using acquisition and conservation easements and by helping growing communities preserve more of their land.

Stewarding Natural Resources
Providing leadership in managing natural resources on our own preserves and sharing what we’ve learned with other landowners.

Connecting People to Nature
Creating opportunities for people to connect with and learn from nature on our preserves.