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Winter Storm Jonas

This weekend transformed our natural preserves under a blanket of winter snow. Below are photos from Crow’s Nest Preserve, Binky Lee Preserve, and Harold N. Peek Preserve showing the snow-covered barns and icy waters of the natural landscape left in the wake of Winter Storm Jonas.

Photos by Gaby LeBlanc, Steve Eisenhauer, and Daniel Barringer


Binky Lee Preserve Community Support

Jim Moffat, June 2012

Binky Lee Preserve, Chester Springs, PA. 112 acres. Photo by Jim Moffett, member and volunteer.

The following friends and neighbors support important management projects and restoration work at our Binky Lee Preserve through membership and a community-organized fundraising event and silent auction between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016.

$1,000 – $1,500
Bethany and Jeffrey Kern
SEI Private Wealth Management

$500 – $999
Nikki Grogan – ReMax Professional Realty
Eileen and Billy Paul

$250 – $499
Bartlett Tree Experts
Barto Pool & Spa
Janet and Richard Bright
Essa Bank & Trust
Donna F. and Vincent W. Hartnett
Carolyn and John Heathcote
Carol Dee and Carl Jacobson
Jennifer and Gregory Mazzola
Thomas F. McDevitt
Jim and Terri McIntosh
Kathryn Racette and Thomas J. McLewee
Melinda and Frank Mercurio
Sarah and Jay Newman
Joanne and William Quain
Dara Roberts
Alyssa A. and Charles H. White
Julie and Dave Zlogar

$100 – $249
Paul S. Davis and Pamela A. Conti
Janna and William Cracas
Janice and Greg Decker
Krista and Jason Heim
Robin Jefferis
Lisa Lacroix and Dan McKenrick
Susan O’Donnell and Larry O’Donnell, Jr.
Diane and Len Olsen
Yellow Springs Farm LLC
Cindee and David Saska
Carrie and Jeffrey Sposetti

Under $100
A Friend
Gwendolyn Niebler and James Harris
Linda and Mark Huber
Pam and Stan Niemits
Anne E. Pinkerton, Ph.D.
Clare L. and L. Kehl K. Rothermel
Karina M. Schless
R Sylvia Rosen and Michael E. Zlogar

In-Kind Auction Donations
Darin W. Groff
Fay and David Groff
Hunter Grogan/Zee Bait Company
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis L. Grogan
Main Line Gardens Inc.
Dr. Donald J. Rosato Charitable Foundation
Richard V. Smith
Teresa and Kenneth Wood


Natural Lands Trust makes every effort to ensure the accuracy of these listings. If you find an omission or a mispelling, please excuse our error and contact us at or 610-353-5587 ext.243 to update our records for future donor listings. 

Binky Lee Preserve Tour and Reception – White Oak Society members only

Sunday, June 3
2:30 – 5:00 pm
Binky Lee Preserve, Chester Springs, PA

Binky Lee Preserve is a 112-acre expanse of former agricultural land that is actively being converted back to woodlands and meadows. The view from atop the preserve’s highpoint offers a rare glimpse of Chester County past, undeveloped woodlands and fields in all directions.  Darin Groff, Preserve Manager, has been managing the site since 1991. He and several other members of our stewardship staff will give participants a field-based overview of the natural area restoration projects that have transformed Binky Lee over the last twenty years. Just us for a glass of wine or a cool beer at an informal reception held in the barnyard following the preserve walk.

Click to learn more about the White Oak Society.

Please RSVP to Suzanne Barton 610.353.5640 ext 313, .

Youth Conservation Corps at Binky Lee Preserve

Over the past week, our Binky Lee Preserve manager, Darin Groff, had the pleasure of working with a group of 18 young adults on a number of preserve improvement projects. The volunteers came from all over the country and there was even a girl from France! They split up into six different groups, each headed by an experienced stewardship staff member, who they dubbed the “crew boss.”

These volunteers are part of the Youth Conservation Corps (YCC). This organization, founded by the National Park Service, sends kids between the ages of 15 and 18 to national parks and other nature preserves on weekly summer programs. While there, they work to help restore and protect the natural and historic resources of these natural areas. The volunteers reaped the benefits of working closely with our experts here at Natural Lands Trust, by learning some extremely valuable land stewardship skills.

While at the Binky Lee Preserve, these young adults had the opportunity to work on a number of projects. One major project was the cutting and controlling of invasive plants in the area. Invasive species can damage local ecosystems and habitats, while decreasing the number of native plants. Native plants are important to natural communities because they support beneficial pollinators, naturally clean ground water, and help to protect the land from floods. Not to mention, they help to increase the diversity of wildlife that visitors enjoy spotting on our preserves.

The volunteers at Binky Lee also power-washed equipment, edged and weeded gardens, and helped clean out the preserve’s barn. The amount of work the 18 kids completed in one day normally would have taken Darin and a fellow worker two weeks to complete! And for that, we thank them!



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