Natural Lands’ members are the glue that holds our work together. Your annual membership contribution will help us preserve and nurture nature’s wonders and create opportunities for joy and discovery in the outdoors for everyone in our region.

specialty memberships

Green Dog
Add $20 to any level of membership and you and your canine friends can proudly walk the trails with a Green Dog leash and the knowledge that you are protecting wildlife and ensuring the safety and comfort of all preserve users. Click here to become a Green Dog member!

 CONSERVATIONISTS help perpetuate our legacy of leadership in saving land, stewarding natural resources, and connecting people to nature by making annual gifts of $1,000 or more. Members of the CONSERVATIONISTS enjoy access to exclusive programming, guaranteed admission to membership field outings and learning opportunities, and advance purchase opportunities for signature sell-out events.

The White Oak Society
Known for its deep tap root, strong wood and long lifespan, the white oak is one of the most productive trees in Pennsylvania in terms of providing wildlife benefits.

It is with these qualities in mind that we established the White Oak Society to honor donors who extend loyal support to our organization for 10 or more consecutive years. We would like to thank these special members for their steadfast commitment to Natural Lands Trust and their unwavering passion for the natural world.

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