Samantha Nestory



In her role as a horticulturist, Samantha assists in the design, installation, and maintenance of both the garden landscapes and natural areas at Stoneleigh: A Natural Garden.

When asked to name something essential to her work, she responded, “A diverse workload, laughter, and a bit of time to stop and appreciate the little things (usually insects).” Luckily, she gets all of that at Stoneleigh!

Sam received a Bachelor of Science in Ecology and a Master of Science in Entomology from the University of Delaware. During her time as a research technician there, she assisted in several labs, including that of Dr. Doug Tallamy, a member of Natural Lands’ Board of Trustees.

Prior to working for Natural Lands, she spent time at Sarver Ecological, an environmental consulting business, and—more recently—as a horticulturist for Morris Arboretum.

Ask Sam about: insects and musical theater.