Robyn Jeney

Land Protection Project Manager


As Land Protection Project Manager, Robyn works to protect open space through both acquisition and conservation easement. The job requires lots of patience, creativity, and an outgoing personality as she works with landowners, applies for grant funding to support acquisition, and takes the long view to knit together tracts of open land… once parcel at a time.

Before joining Natural Lands, Robyn worked for the NJ Pinelands Commission as a resource planner administering their land acquisition grant program. She also managed a roadside habitat protection project, working with Pinelands-area counties to modify their roadside management practices to allow native and rare plants to complete their life cycles prior to mowing. Says Robyn, “Fire suppression in the pine barrens has greatly reduced the open, early successional habitat that wildfire created in forests, which many rare plants need. The artificially maintained open sunny roadsides mimic that early successional habitat, and native and rare plants tend to colonize roadsides with fairly little soil disturbance.”

When asked what she needs every day to get her work done, Robyn listed: black tea, sunshine, and cooperative Microsoft products.

Robyn has a BA from the Pennsylvania State University in psychology and philosophy. She received a Master of Environmental Studies from the University of Pennsylvania with a concentration in resource management. “I completed an independent study project for my Master’s at Andrew Wyeth’s Point Lookout property in the Brandywine area. I created pamphlets detailing the ecological background of four paintings Wyeth completed on the property. For my capstone project, I prepared a stewardship plan for Natural Lands’ Fulshaw Craeg Preserve, which was an amazing opportunity to document the many ecologically significant features of the preserve.”


Ask Robyn about: rewilding her small urban backyard and her current knitting project(s).