Peter R. Williamson

Vice President of Conservation Services


Peter is responsible for administering all of Natural Lands’ land acquisition, conservation planning, and municipal assistance activities. He has worked for Natural Lands for a quarter century!

One of his favorite accomplishments on the job was helping Natural Lands acquire Bear Swamp, an old-growth forest that became part of our Glades Wildlife Refuge in 2005… after 20 years of effort.

Prior to his career with Natural Lands, Peter spent two years in Thailand with the U.S. Peace Corps working in a county hospital. “I learned that emotions and desires are universal, but that cultures differ in what they emphasize. I have used that knowledge over and over again in situations requiring understanding the motivations of those we are assisting in our conservation work.”

Peter earned a B.A. in Biology from Gettysburg College and a Masters in Landscape Architecture from North Carolina State University.

Ask Peter about: the many ways to protect land, science fiction, and vegetable gardening.