Jacob Kratz

Real Estate Records Specialist

As our real estate records specialist, Jacob keeps us organized. With thousands of acres of land transactions spanning more than six decades, it’s a big task! Fortunately, Jacob’s personality and experience are well suited to the work.

Before joining Natural Lands, Jacob’s background focused on the real estate and insurance industries with roles ranging from a commercial property title insurance examiner, property and casualty insurance agent, real estate agent, settlement officer, and notary public.

Jacob recalls an early memory of the outdoors:

“My twin brother and I were sitting under the pear tree along the road in front of our childhood home when we noticed two dairy cows walking down the road. They meandered into the meadow of the 73-acre township park that was directly across from where we were sitting. About five minutes later, the local farmer rolled up in his pickup truck asking if we saw any dairy cows. We just pointed to the meadow across the street. We later started exploring the park across the street after that encounter.”

Jacob received a Bachelor of Science degree from Temple University’s Community and Regional Planning Program.

Ask Jacob about: horseback riding.