Emma Schad

Stewardship Assistant


Emma joined the Natural Lands team as a stewardship assistant in 2018.

Prior to joining Natural Lands, she was a crew leader for the Student Conservation Association’s Pennsylvania Outdoor Corps. Her crew carried out natural resource projects and maintenance in the state parks and forests across southeastern Pennsylvania. Before that, Emma spent a few years working for the Stewardship Unit at the City of Philadelphia’s Parks & Recreation department. She focused on engaging community groups in volunteer projects including tree plantings, trail projects and neighborhood park maintenance throughout the City.

She has many recollections of the great outdoors as a child, which set the tone for a career spent caring for nature.

“We had a southern magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora) tree in the front yard of the house I grew up in, and waiting for its massive white blossoms to appear each spring—so we could dip our fingers into the yellow pollen and create pictures on the sidewalk—is a wonderful memory.”

Emma holds a BA in Science, Technology, and Society from the University of Pennsylvania with a minor in Environmental Science. She has completed her level 2 certification in chainsaw operation from the Game of Logging.

Ask Emma about: bicycling around Philadelphia.