Carissa Schnabel

GIS Analyst/Conservation Easement Technician


As GIS Analyst/Conservation Easement Technician, Carissa provides indispensible support for her Conservation Services colleagues. She generates maps, collects GPS data, and assists with the annual monitoring of our more than 380 conservation easements.

Those of us in conservation always have great nature experiences that helped shape our careers. “My most powerful nature experience was hiking the perimeter of La Selva Biological Station as an undergraduate,” said Carissa. “The topography, the rain, the trees, the monkeys… it was enough to make anyone fall in love.”

Prior to coming to Natural Lands, Carissa worked for The Nature Conservancy where she researched the potential for nature-based solutions and resilient stream management to mitigate flood impacts. She also has experience conducting field research on bird communities—first for her Master’s work, and then later for New Jersey Audubon.

Carissa earned a BS in Environmental Biology from the Millersville University, and an MS in Conservation Biology from State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry.

Ask Carissa about: her favorite places she’s been, birds she’s seen, and books she’s read.