Caleb Arrowood

Assistant Preserve Manager

In 2016, Caleb graduated from Natural Lands’ Force of Nature® volunteer program. His experience learning about land stewardship prompted him to apply for a full-time position as stewardship assistant. Caleb says the keys to success at work are “a positive mental attitude and good pair of pruners.”

As a kid, Caleb spent time backpacking, fishing, and hunting with his family, setting the stage for his love of the outdoors.

Caleb’s work experience prior to joining Natural Lands includes vegetable farming, gardening, and carpentry. But his work experience predates those positions.”Growing up on my parents’ small farm, growing vegetables and raising farm animals, I was practicing land stewardship way back then.”

Caleb earned a Bachelor of Science Environmental Health and Geography and Planning from West Chester University. He is a trained wildland firefighter through the National Wildfire Coordinating Group.

Ask Caleb about: the best places to hike (other than Natural Lands’ preserves, of course!).