Kristen Henwood

Conservation Easement Program Manager

As Conservation Easement Program Manager, Kristen works to ensure that the terms of Natural Lands’ conservation easements are being upheld by overseeing the annual easement monitoring program, maintaining relationships with landowners of eased land, and reviewing land-use activities on these properties to ensure they are consistent with the terms of the easements.

Natural Lands benefits from Kristen’s previous experience working for Willistown Conservation Trust where she wore many hats: helping oversee their easement program, assisting with the management of three preserves, selecting native plant species for habitat restoration projects, and organizing volunteers. While attending grad school at Penn, she worked with the University’s landscape architect and landscape planner to develop a report on the campus’ ecological landscapes, and played a role in decisions about additions to the campus landscape as well as ongoing management and maintenance of existing spaces.

Kristen’s favorite place in nature is on the water. She rowed in both high school and college, and says, “Rowing had a huge influence on my career path—spending all of that time outside was what really made me start thinking about choosing a career focused on environmental protection.”

Kristen holds a Master of Environmental Studies from the University of Pennsylvania; her concentration was environmental sustainability. She received a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Marietta College.

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