Estelle Wynn Dolan

PECO Green Region Open Space Program Administrator

Estelle is responsible for administering the PECO Green Region Open Space Program, which awards grants annually to municipalities and non-profits within PECO’s service area. She also assists with land protection projects by writing grant applications of her own for Natural Lands, as well as drafting baseline and current condition reports and other documentation related to conservation acquisition projects.

She has extensive experience in the field of conservation. Past positions include that of Easement Manager at Brandywine Conservancy and as Outdoor Recreation Planner at the National Park Service assisting with General Management Plans for national parks throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. She also has several years’ experience teaching environmental education at the Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education in Philadelphia, at Shaver’s Creek Environmental Center at Penn State, and in Seattle, WA, Florence, OR, and Winter Park, CO.

When not at work, Estelle and her husband stay busy with tending their eight bee hives. They’ve even won a few ribbons (including blue ones!) at the Pennsylvania Farm Show for their honey, beeswax, and other honeybee products.

When asked about her proudest professional achievement, Estelle said, “Telling my kids about what I do for my job, and then taking them on a hike through woodlands I’ve helped protect.”

Estelle earned her BA in English from the Pennsylvania State University and her Master’s degree in Conservation Biology from Antioch University.

Ask Estelle about: keeping honeybees.