Caring for Land, Designing for People

Once land is protected, the job of conservation is only partly done. Like any other community asset, open spaces must be managed. But, given the unrelenting pressure on dwindling resources and never-ending competition for time and funds, municipalities may find it difficult to care for their preserved lands as well as they’d like.

As one of the region’s largest private owners of preserved lands, we have both a breadth and depth of experience in caring for a variety of landscapes and are continually exploring new and better approaches to problems like invasive plant control, reforestation, wildlife management, native plant promotion, and much more.

Natural Lands Trust’s land stewardship and planning professionals are available to share their experience, develop detailed land management plans to guide a community’s long-term open space management efforts, and help identify the resources needed to implement those plans.

Whether you are looking for cost-saving approaches to managing parkland or staff training on how to install a meadow, we offer a suite of consulting services to landowners and land managers interested in restoring and stewarding the rich and complex habitats native to this region.

For more information, contact Peter Williamson, vice president of conservation services, at 610-353-5640 ext. 215 or .

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We can help with…

  • Developing land restoration and management plans
  • Developing park master plans
  • Reviewing management plans for open space in subdivisions
  • Conducting trail feasibility studies
  • Planning, writing, and designing park signage and wayfinding systems
  • Conducting presentations and field trips for professionals and residents
  • Training open space stewards through our Force of Nature™ professional volunteer program
  • Touring properties with a stewardship expert
  • Establishing deer management programs
  • Identifying funding opportunities; writing and administering grants
  • Overseeing restoration projects

Case Studies

Learn more about how our land stewardship and planning staff has helped individuals and organizations develop effective land management strategies.