Caring for Your Land

Natural lands don’t take care of themselves. They need your help to be the healthy, thriving habitats they were meant to be.

As one of the region’s largest private owners of preserved lands, Natural Lands Trust has both a breadth and depth of experience in caring for a variety of landscapes. We’re continually exploring new and better approaches to problems like invasive plant control, reforestation, wildlife management, native plant promotion, and much more.

We offer educational opportunities and a suite of consulting services to landowners and managers interested in restoring and stewarding the rich and complex habitats native to this region.

We can help with:

Stewardship Planning

Plans range from preliminary assessments to comprehensive evaluations with recommendations and prioritization.

Project Oversight and Monitoring

We can help ensure that specifications are followed for site work, and we can continue to monitor your restored land when the work is complete.

Outreach and Education

Our approach to landowner outreach ranges from presentations and field trips to hands-on workshops.

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For more information, please contact Peter Williamson, vice president of Conservation Services, at 610-353-5640 ext. 215, or .