Services For Landowners

Landowners—individuals, families, and institutions—are on the front lines of conservation. Their decisions about the use and care of their land are defining the future of our region, one property at a time.D'Lauro Preserve Dedication DLauro-10.19.08-(32)WEB

Preserving Your Land
The decision to save one’s land is complex, but Natural Lands Trust has helped hundreds of landowners realize their personal conservation goals over the past 60+ years. We work to understand a landowner’s interests and needs and then craft a solution that will work best for his or her specific situation.

Caring for Your Land
With 42 nature preserves totaling 22,000 acres of land, Natural Lands Trust has learned quite a bit about land stewardship! To share our knowledge, we offer educational opportunities and a suite of consulting services to landowners and land managers interested in restoring and stewarding the rich and complex habitats native to this region.

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Tax Incentive

In 2006, Congress established tax incentives to encourage landowners—especially farmers and ranchers—to place conservation easements on their land. These incentives can make conservation a more affordable choice by expanding the charitable deduction one can take for donating an easement.

There are also a number of government programs that reward landowners for sound stewardship. Contact us to learn more.