Monarch butterfly on milkweed plant

tierra para la vida

Open space is disappearing at an alarming rate. In Pennsylvania, development continues to outpace conservation by a substantial margin. When we lose these landscapes, we also lose the valuable qualities they offer: clean air and water, natural climate change solutions, wildlife habitats, and space to play or relax.

Natural Lands is dedicated to saving open space, caring for nature, and connecting people to the outdoors in eastern Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey. We’ve been at it since the early 1950s and, today, nearly five million people live within five miles of lands under our permanent protection.

what would you do?

This place is here because a long time ago the people who cared for it decided not to build houses, even though doing so might have made them a lot of money. Instead, they saved this land for the birds, butterflies, animals, and flowers… and for you, too! If you were in charge of a place like this, what would you do with it?