Stroud Preserve

Look for rare Bobolinks, which nest in the meadows each spring!

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Stroud Preserve

454 North Creek Road
West Chester, PA 19382
Jarrod Shull, Preserve Manager
610-353-5587 ext. 504

Parking: 3/10 mile south of Route 162 on North Creek Road

Stroud Preserve consists of 571 acres of culturally and ecologically important land in Chester County. This rolling mosaic of once-pastured grasslands, working farmlands, and woodlands now serves as wildlife habitat and a unique site for research by the Stroud Water Research Center, one of the premier stream research labs in North America.


trails More than 9 miles of unpaved trails ranging from easy to moderate
Birds Birds include Eastern Meadowlark, Bobolink, and Field Sparrow. Part of the Laurels, King Ranch, and Stroud “Important Bird Area” (a National Audubon Society designation).  Birding checklist
Equestrian trails Horseback riding on designated trails under good conditions (not wet or muddy); horse trailers are not permitted
Special Plants More than 2 acres of serpentine barrens, a rare habitat for several plant species of special concern in Pennsylvania
Grasslands Meadows filled with native grasses such as purpletop, switchgrass, and big bluestem, and wildflowers such as ironweed, goldenrod, and milkweed
Woodlands Woodlands dominated by red oak, tuliptree, beech, and maple
Wetlands and streams Spring-fed streams and wetlands that drain into the East Branch of the Brandywine Creek
Agriculture Agricultural fields of soybeans and corn, as well as hayfields


Trail Map (also available at the parking lot kiosk)



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