Mariton: Birding during Migration

May 11, 2022

by Tim Burris, Preserve Manager.  Photos by Carole Mebus.

A Northern Waterthrush at the edge of water.

Photo by Carole Mebus.

We went to Bethlehem Township this week for the Bird Walk.  We had a good variety of birds, but one of the highlights for me was a Northern Waterthrush in a muddy pond/puddle.  While it didn’t sing, we got a very good look at this warbler as it foraged along the edge of the pond.

A female Common Merganser with her chicks chasing close behind here.

Photo by Carole Mebus.

Another great sighting was female Common Merganser with 3 or four babies perched on her back as she swam upstream.  By the time Carole snapped the photo, mama had sped up and the babies had slid off her back.

A Black and White Warbler working down a tree head first.

Photo by Carole Mebus.

We got into a “comedy of warblers” in one spot.  As often happens at this time of migration several different species will be feeding together in the same tree.  When you have a few birders looking into the same tree and seeing different birds it can be quite comical.  “It’s yellow!  No way is that a Yellow-rumped Warbler.  It’s a Magnolia!”  It gets sorted out eventually and I was lucky enough to see the Black-throated Blue, Black and White, American Redstart, Magnolia, and Yellow-rumped Warbler in the same location.

A Baltimore Oriole perched on a branch.

A Baltimore Oriole. Photo by Carole Mebus.

We also got see both Baltimore Orioles and Orchard Orioles on this walk.  It is a good location that seems to concentrate birds into an isolated green space.