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Crow’s Nest: Workday thanks


Many thanks to the Natural Lands Trust field staff who helped with a second day of cleanup at Crow's Nest: Tim Burris, Luke DiBerardinis, Sean Quinn, Tom Kershner, Joe Vinton, David Casteneda, Paul Claypoole, Roger Nichols, Ryan Hopkins, Darin Groff, and Erich Estes.

We took down five more Norway maples on land newly added to the preserve; all were technically difficult trees to remove due to their location and/or condition. Arborists Tom Kershner and Darin Groff are dropping branches to the crew in the photo above. This is the finest crew to work with that I can imagine.

At this writing there is still a little free firewood available at this site on Harmonyville Road.

Crow’s Nest: Fall Scenes and Thanksgiving

Our family celebrated Thanksgiving at the preserve; it was a wonderful time to relax and enjoy the season's harvest. Our food came mostly from the garden, summer's bounty returned from the freezer. The day before we went to Brian and Holly Moyer's farm to pick up our turkey and then the kitchen bustled with activity. After dinner we went for a stroll on the Horse-Shoe Trail on the edge of the preserve.

We are thankful for family and friends, the beautiful land where we live and the community that has come together here.

I am reminded of some fall scenes from WebWalkers: playing in the cattails, shaking and blowing the seeds loose. Here Educator Eloise Smyrl helps open up the seed pod.

And the result is a seedy mayhem:

Cattails 11-08c

Crow’s Nest in the news

Rita Floriani who writes about the outdoors for the Reading Eagle did a nice article about Crow's Nest last week. The occasion was a Blue Mountain Eagle Climbing Club hike here last Sunday, but she took the time to visit a WebWigglers kids' program and returned for better sunlight for pictures.

Crow’s Nest: First, Second, & Third Snow!

We seemed to have turned the corner from fall to winter. It could have been chopping the ice in the cattle tank in the morning, again in the afternoon, and trucking in more water in the evening because the line froze. Or it could be the three days of snow flurries and squalls we've had. Sure feels like winter.Cold

Crow’s Nest: Fall Color and Spring Sounds

This weekend the oaks have turned bright yellow to rusty red, a totally different peak of fall color than what we had a few weeks ago.

Many visitors comment on what they smell: the pungent beginnings of leaves decaying. It's not unpleasant, but unless you spend a lot of time in the woods it may be unfamiliar.

On Friday when it was very warm we heard spring peepers calling along French Creek.

Mariton – Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

FALL 11.04.08 003 The opening line of the Temptations' song, My Girl, is a great description of the fall color at Martion right now.  In the woods, the leaves on most of the trees are yellow.  The Tulip trees, American Beech, Black Birch and even some maples are casting a warm glow.  With many leaves off of trees, more light is reaching the trails.  After walking on shaded trails all summer, the contrast is quite noticeable.  So, even though it is cloudy, there is a bright feeling as you walk the trails.


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